San Francisco and a Poncho | Fashion Phototgraphy

This last week I went to San Francisco and fell in love with a poncho.  True Story.

After several 10 hour days I drove another hour out of my way to blow off some steam with a somewhat spontaneous shoot with the lovable Evelyn Frost.  Plenty of fog, beautiful late-afternoon light, a few choice glimpses of the Golden Gate Bridge, some (possibly) ill-advised building climbing and this shoot hands down rejuvenated my creativity and boosted my motivation.  ...then I drove home the 3+ hours and plopped into bed.


Gobble | Commercial Food Photography | Palo Alto

Let me tell you, Gobble is here to revolutionize home cooked meals!  10 minutes.  One pan.  Dinner solved.

I started working with Gobble a few months back and it has been such an experience!  Executive Chef, Thomas Ricci, is nothing short of a genius in the kitchen, he's super funny and a blast to calibrate with!  I get to work directly with Thomas for every shoot and we spend the entire day laughing...and maybe a little work.

Every week I can't help but leek at least one sneak peak of an upcoming dish on Instagram, so if you're interested, give us a follow here....and Gobble too!


La Viga | Commercial Food Photography | San Francisco

La Viga | Redwood City

Most of the restaurants I shoot for invite me to take part in eating the dishes we shoot; I almost never go home hungry.  At La Viga, not only was I invited to eat my fill, but the entire Martinez family came to feast.  What an honor.

10 EAST Kitchen & Tap House | Commercial Food Photography

Recently, I teamed up with 10 East Kitchen and Tap House to photograph some of the top dishes on their menu and some that have yet to come!

I had a great visit with Chef Sam Bans and the staff was great; keeping me well stocked in fresh water and friendly conversation. 

I shot on location at 10 East, backlit with one umbrella and bounced light with white fill cards.  All backgrounds were found in the same room, which was nice, I just had to move around a little.


Portraits of Seattleites | Seattleite

Before I left Seattle and moved my life back to California, I was asked to shoot some portraits for the Seattleite, a "lifestyle news site for Seattle’s young professionals who are in-the-know and on-the-go."  I've photographed some events for them and was excited to do some portraiture.

First I met Karen Guh, an up and coming designer getting ready to launch her first collection Paychi Guh, whose idea of casmire is a "year-round" statement.

Our time was short but very sweet and inspiring.  We easily related to each other, as we both are building new careers encouraged by our passion.  I had the honor of meeting her husband and adorable son, who helped me a little with the shoot!

You can find Karen's interview with the Seattleite here


A little behind the scenes action... 


A few days later, I met Gordon Janow, outdoor enthusiast and co-founder of Alpine Ascents International!

I had even less time with Gordon, but his admiration for the outdoors and travel was abundant by the passion in his voice when he talked to me about the experiences his company provides for others. 

You can find Gordon's interview with the Seattleite here


Treatbox | Lemon Bars and Shortbread | Commercial Food Photography

Keith invited me back to shoot his new summer products: lemon bars and shortbread cookies.  We always have a great time together and I always leave feeling hungry (that's a good thing!).

This time we took these little delectable's outside to shoot.  No particular reason other than it was a nice sunny day and what better place than a rooftop surrounded by the Seattle skyline.   We found a nice spot in some open shade and again, I used natural light and a white fill card to bounce in some extra light.


If you're in Seattle and you'd like to place an order head over to Treatbox online. 

Treatbox | Commercial Food Photography

I've had the pleasure of meeting and I'd like to introduce to you Keith Hubrath, owner of Treatbox.

Treatbox makes delicious scratch made treats in Seattle, WA.  We offer a variety of gourmet cookies, custom sugar cookies, brownies and bars. 

The first time I meet Keith he brought me one of his Sea Salt Chocolate Chip cookies, still warm, and let me tell you, he need not say another word!

Keith possesses an incredible amount of passion for each of his scratch made treats; he absolutely lights up when he speaks about what he does.  We had a fantastic day of shooting, accompanied by talk of baking strategies and thanks that the sun decided to shin in Seattle that day.

As ideal for most food photography, I used all natural light (backlit) and added a white fill card to bounce some extra light in where needed.



If you'd wish to sample some of these mouth watering sweets, and I recommend that you do, visit Treatbox online to place an order!

Dear Uncle Stu Stationery

Riani Townshend is the brilliant mind behind Dear Uncle Stu Stationery.  She is fun, has an uplifting spirit and a "can do" attitude.  She's a creative and has a great artistic eye, which made her all the more enjoyable to work with. We enjoyed a full day of shooting, laughing and colaborating.  She treated me like royalty;  kept me caffeinated with freshly ground and brewed coffee, made me this fabulous egg, cheese, bacon and avacado sandwhich on a bagel (to die for!) and even let me get in some good play time with her Bernese Mountain Dog, Charlie.

Please check out Dear Uncle Stu, you will fall in love with this gorgeous Stationery!


...and a special look for her valentine's day promotion.


One Happy Accident

I'm not gonna lie, sometimes the best ideas come from a happy little (or big) accident. I was attending a show at Studio 7 in Seattle, as a regular Joe, excited to see In This Moment, live and loud.  I had with me my Canon G12, point and shoot camera, to document some memories, nothing fancy.  I randomly snapped away during the show and was experimenting with a slower shutter speed, for no other reason than because I like motion blur.  At one point I was taking a photo of Maria and a near by photographer's flash went off at the same time.

The result:


This mere coincidence showed me something beautiful, sparked my thought process and thus, my project Mosician was conceived.

Mosician: Motion in Musicians The concentration of my work explores Musicians and the motion that surrounds their music. I utilize the natural motion to describe the energy, passion and emotion of each musician through long exposure, zoom and panning. The available performance lighting creates unpredictable patterns and portrays mood, which can be somewhat unique to each band or artist.

Start at the Beginning

If I'm going to be writing and you're going to be listening, you'd probably like to know who you are listening to.  Am I right? I am a product photographer specializing in food and beverage; starting my journey into the world of professionals.

It took me many years to stop listening to others and follow what that little voice was telling me inside; I need to be a photographer.  In the span of about a months time, I decided I was going to get a BFA in photography, searched for a school, found a school, enrolled and moved out of state to start classes 2 days after setting foot in our new apartment.  What a rush!


 ...but, I'm many other things as well.  I"m a wife, and I so love being a wife.  I love calling the man in my life "husband," and knowing that my best friend will always be by my side, is unbearably sweet!  I'm a "mom" to two adorable, rambunctious, lovable Frenchies who assist my husband in keeping me in a constant state of laughter and smiles.  I'm about to say goodbye to my twenties and hello to the next daunting decade (wow, that's hard to admit!), but I'm (semi) ok with it because I know everything in my life is coming together (or about to).  I also have other creative outlets because I know if I'm not expressing myself creatively, I'm not happy, plus, keeping extra busy is the only way I stay motivated.


So, I'll be here writing about the wonderful people I get to work with, showing image after image, tid-bits about the industry and photography products and answering any questions you might happen to toss my way.