San Francisco and a Poncho | Fashion Phototgraphy

This last week I went to San Francisco and fell in love with a poncho.  True Story.

After several 10 hour days I drove another hour out of my way to blow off some steam with a somewhat spontaneous shoot with the lovable Evelyn Frost.  Plenty of fog, beautiful late-afternoon light, a few choice glimpses of the Golden Gate Bridge, some (possibly) ill-advised building climbing and this shoot hands down rejuvenated my creativity and boosted my motivation.  ...then I drove home the 3+ hours and plopped into bed.


Portraits of Seattleites | Seattleite

Before I left Seattle and moved my life back to California, I was asked to shoot some portraits for the Seattleite, a "lifestyle news site for Seattle’s young professionals who are in-the-know and on-the-go."  I've photographed some events for them and was excited to do some portraiture.

First I met Karen Guh, an up and coming designer getting ready to launch her first collection Paychi Guh, whose idea of casmire is a "year-round" statement.

Our time was short but very sweet and inspiring.  We easily related to each other, as we both are building new careers encouraged by our passion.  I had the honor of meeting her husband and adorable son, who helped me a little with the shoot!

You can find Karen's interview with the Seattleite here


A little behind the scenes action... 


A few days later, I met Gordon Janow, outdoor enthusiast and co-founder of Alpine Ascents International!

I had even less time with Gordon, but his admiration for the outdoors and travel was abundant by the passion in his voice when he talked to me about the experiences his company provides for others. 

You can find Gordon's interview with the Seattleite here