Commercial Food Photography

Gobble | Commercial Food Photography | Palo Alto

Let me tell you, Gobble is here to revolutionize home cooked meals!  10 minutes.  One pan.  Dinner solved.

I started working with Gobble a few months back and it has been such an experience!  Executive Chef, Thomas Ricci, is nothing short of a genius in the kitchen, he's super funny and a blast to calibrate with!  I get to work directly with Thomas for every shoot and we spend the entire day laughing...and maybe a little work.

Every week I can't help but leek at least one sneak peak of an upcoming dish on Instagram, so if you're interested, give us a follow here....and Gobble too!


La Viga | Commercial Food Photography | San Francisco

La Viga | Redwood City

Most of the restaurants I shoot for invite me to take part in eating the dishes we shoot; I almost never go home hungry.  At La Viga, not only was I invited to eat my fill, but the entire Martinez family came to feast.  What an honor.

10 EAST Kitchen & Tap House | Commercial Food Photography

Recently, I teamed up with 10 East Kitchen and Tap House to photograph some of the top dishes on their menu and some that have yet to come!

I had a great visit with Chef Sam Bans and the staff was great; keeping me well stocked in fresh water and friendly conversation. 

I shot on location at 10 East, backlit with one umbrella and bounced light with white fill cards.  All backgrounds were found in the same room, which was nice, I just had to move around a little.


Treatbox | Lemon Bars and Shortbread | Commercial Food Photography

Keith invited me back to shoot his new summer products: lemon bars and shortbread cookies.  We always have a great time together and I always leave feeling hungry (that's a good thing!).

This time we took these little delectable's outside to shoot.  No particular reason other than it was a nice sunny day and what better place than a rooftop surrounded by the Seattle skyline.   We found a nice spot in some open shade and again, I used natural light and a white fill card to bounce in some extra light.


If you're in Seattle and you'd like to place an order head over to Treatbox online.