What I Do

La Viga | Commercial Food Photography | San Francisco

La Viga | Redwood City

Most of the restaurants I shoot for invite me to take part in eating the dishes we shoot; I almost never go home hungry.  At La Viga, not only was I invited to eat my fill, but the entire Martinez family came to feast.  What an honor.

Treatbox | Commercial Food Photography

I've had the pleasure of meeting and I'd like to introduce to you Keith Hubrath, owner of Treatbox.

Treatbox makes delicious scratch made treats in Seattle, WA.  We offer a variety of gourmet cookies, custom sugar cookies, brownies and bars. 

The first time I meet Keith he brought me one of his Sea Salt Chocolate Chip cookies, still warm, and let me tell you, he need not say another word!

Keith possesses an incredible amount of passion for each of his scratch made treats; he absolutely lights up when he speaks about what he does.  We had a fantastic day of shooting, accompanied by talk of baking strategies and thanks that the sun decided to shin in Seattle that day.

As ideal for most food photography, I used all natural light (backlit) and added a white fill card to bounce some extra light in where needed.



If you'd wish to sample some of these mouth watering sweets, and I recommend that you do, visit Treatbox online to place an order!

Dear Uncle Stu Stationery

Riani Townshend is the brilliant mind behind Dear Uncle Stu Stationery.  She is fun, has an uplifting spirit and a "can do" attitude.  She's a creative and has a great artistic eye, which made her all the more enjoyable to work with. We enjoyed a full day of shooting, laughing and colaborating.  She treated me like royalty;  kept me caffeinated with freshly ground and brewed coffee, made me this fabulous egg, cheese, bacon and avacado sandwhich on a bagel (to die for!) and even let me get in some good play time with her Bernese Mountain Dog, Charlie.

Please check out Dear Uncle Stu, you will fall in love with this gorgeous Stationery!


...and a special look for her valentine's day promotion.


One Happy Accident

I'm not gonna lie, sometimes the best ideas come from a happy little (or big) accident. I was attending a show at Studio 7 in Seattle, as a regular Joe, excited to see In This Moment, live and loud.  I had with me my Canon G12, point and shoot camera, to document some memories, nothing fancy.  I randomly snapped away during the show and was experimenting with a slower shutter speed, for no other reason than because I like motion blur.  At one point I was taking a photo of Maria and a near by photographer's flash went off at the same time.

The result:


This mere coincidence showed me something beautiful, sparked my thought process and thus, my project Mosician was conceived.

Mosician: Motion in Musicians The concentration of my work explores Musicians and the motion that surrounds their music. I utilize the natural motion to describe the energy, passion and emotion of each musician through long exposure, zoom and panning. The available performance lighting creates unpredictable patterns and portrays mood, which can be somewhat unique to each band or artist.