Start at the Beginning

If I'm going to be writing and you're going to be listening, you'd probably like to know who you are listening to.  Am I right? I am a product photographer specializing in food and beverage; starting my journey into the world of professionals.

It took me many years to stop listening to others and follow what that little voice was telling me inside; I need to be a photographer.  In the span of about a months time, I decided I was going to get a BFA in photography, searched for a school, found a school, enrolled and moved out of state to start classes 2 days after setting foot in our new apartment.  What a rush!


 ...but, I'm many other things as well.  I"m a wife, and I so love being a wife.  I love calling the man in my life "husband," and knowing that my best friend will always be by my side, is unbearably sweet!  I'm a "mom" to two adorable, rambunctious, lovable Frenchies who assist my husband in keeping me in a constant state of laughter and smiles.  I'm about to say goodbye to my twenties and hello to the next daunting decade (wow, that's hard to admit!), but I'm (semi) ok with it because I know everything in my life is coming together (or about to).  I also have other creative outlets because I know if I'm not expressing myself creatively, I'm not happy, plus, keeping extra busy is the only way I stay motivated.


So, I'll be here writing about the wonderful people I get to work with, showing image after image, tid-bits about the industry and photography products and answering any questions you might happen to toss my way.